Covir Project - Octopus Biosafety: Intelligent, fully autonomous and modular robot

To help combat Covid-19, livestock sanitation robot manufacturer Octopus Robots has returned to disinfecting buildings, which it abandoned due to a lack of market six years ago. It has teamed up with cleaning specialist Fybots to offer a new solution.

It all (re)originated from a tweet. On March 20, the company Octopus Robots (Maineet-Loire, France), known for its solutions for sanitizing chicken farms, posted a video showing its robot disinfector wandering around the shelves of a supermarket. The image might have seemed banal, so much so that since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, this type of robot has been proliferating. However, it was reminiscent of Octopus Robot's position as a forerunner, which in 2014 took the gamble of designing a robot dedicated to the aerial disinfection of building surfaces, from factories to airports.

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