"It’s Just a Matter of Time" Before BTC Break's All-Time High, Investment App CEO Says

Published - Cointelegraph
One Crypto industry CEO sees Bitcoin hitting all-time highs at some point as the perfect facilitatory atmosphere sets up the move.
Aleks Svetski, co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin (BTC) investing application Amber, said the asset could be on route to hit its all-time price high once again.
With 2020 nearly half over, Bitcoin looks back on a roller coaster ride, in part amid coronavirus pandemic chaos. The asset visited $3,800 and $10,300 price levels, making countless stops everywhere in between.
What will it take for the asset to break its all-time price high near $20,000? "Time and momentum," Svetski said, although he would not mind if Bitcoin sat around for a bit longer before its move toward new highs.
"I for one hope that it holds a lower price floor for a longer period," he said, explaining the added time would give him and others more time to buy additional, lower-priced BTC.
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