Be ready for the dangerous crypto trend! Bitcoin Chart Analysis

As ever growing bitcoin has made numerous records. Bitcoin is the first nicely programmed block-chain technology that has enjoyed never before stardom. Now, what next, this technology has not only limited with just currency. the blockchain technology is evolving greatly.

On the other hand, the prices of crypto is also a great concern. it keep growing to the extend no one has ever imagined and still growing. however, on current chart pattern, expert are showing red signal. cryptocurrencies are again on the path to get big bottom down in next coming day. the downtrend has already begin, the price of binance coin has touched to the top of all time high US $ 690, and now the reversal has begin to start. the curent price is floating in a price of $550 and it seem to go down more.

the trend analyist has also warned a signal that show a possibility of next support range of $450 and if it go on then next support zone is 400 and next is around $340.

The trend is already moving in a red path to face a big bear show. the fear among trend analyist is that the overall price trend must get suppory in the above price range otherwise it will keep on declining. which then touch the $200 record for binance coin and relatively all the crypto market.

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